2017 AIRNC Sponsors

Lexis Nexis www.lexisnexis.com

LexisNexis® Insurance Solutions has an unmatched combination of unique data, innovative analytics, and proven software in the insurance industry. Our commitment to innovation and industry-leading solutions helps you maintain a competitive edge through improved performance and deeper insight into your business. In today’s world of complex information and risk factors, our solutions give you clarity, confidence and the strategic insight you need to maximize the inherent value of your customer base, improve productivity and increase profitability across your portfolio.

Insurance Auto Auctions www.iaai.com

Insurance Auto Auctions specializes in providing insurance companies, car rental companies and other vehicle providers with a number of specialized services surrounding the liquidation of total-loss vehicles acquired through the settlement of claims. Our facilities and specialized processes help insurance companies mitigate claims expense and reduce claims cycle time. Since our founding in 1982, IAA has become a dominant leader in the automotive salvage industry and a premier provider of total-loss claims services.

We integrate Connected Vehicle Services, Roadside Assistance, Claims Management, and more, so you can help your customers stay safe and smart.

One, Inc., utilizes agile development and leading-edge architecture and database technologies to deliver enterprise level applications that serve the entire insurance lifecycle. Our software solutions are adaptable, scalable and highly customizable. Modular platform deployment allows us to increase each applications' functionality and effectiveness with every new release. The mission of One, Inc., is to create increasingly streamlined, intuitive insurance company core operating systems for the property and casualty insurance market.

Verisk Insurance Solutions is a leading source of information about property/casualty insurance risk. For a broad spectrum of commercial and personal lines of insurance, we provide predictive modeling of risk; tools for fighting fraud; services for detecting and correcting rating errors; motor vehicle, criminal, and public records; statistical, actuarial, underwriting, and claims information; policy language; information about climate and weather risk; and tools for estimating property repair and replacement costs. Verisk Insurance Solutions operates through seven business units — including ISO and QPC — that offer risk assessment services and decision analytics to professionals in many disciplines throughout the property/casualty insurance industry.

Trans Union www.transunion.com

Find more prospects. Improve close rates. Increase profitability.

Get a more comprehensive view of prospects and policyholders with TransUnion. Our insurance industry experience and foundation in consumer credit provides you with the quality data, intelligent analytics and innovative solutions you need to operate more efficiently and profitably.

Equifax offers a range of solutions designed to help insurance companies uncover new prospects, learn more about their customers and uncover new opportunities. Whether you offer property and casualty, health, life, auto, annuity or specialty insurance, we can help.

RPM Direct understands that the key to success in insurance direct marketing is to find and reach prospective customers who have a high lifetime value as policyholders. With a leadership team that has decades of insurance industry experience, and a proven database marketing model that targets the key drivers of insurance profitability, we can determine which prospects are most likely to become viable customers. And once we identify your best target audience, we can develop and execute winning marketing solutions that convert those prospects into profitable customers. Now that’s a win-win proposition. Contact us to learn more.

DMA Claims Services www.dmaclaims.com

DMA Claims Services is the largest independent adjusting firm in California. Beyond the Golden State, DMA has offices in Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Oregon, South Carolina, Texas, and Washington. DMA's claims administration division has become the nation's largest private passenger Auto TPA, as well as handling property programs and commercial programs. ISAC, DMA's Florida-based subsidiary, strengthens DMA's presence as a property TPA, an independent adjusting resource in the Southeast, and as a catastrophe claims service provider.